We install all of the products we sell. 

If you decide to purchase something yourself we will still provide the installation. 

Prior to any installation a site check must be completed. 
The cost of the site check will vary depending on your location however we keep the cost as reasonable as possible. 

The site check is necessary in order to determine the best-suited placement of the appliance and chimney installation. If you have purchased product on your own, it is important to confirm all of the needed components are available prior to the installation, otherwise you may incur additional costs.

Basement installations usually require coring through the concrete wall to accommodate the chimney. 
We will be more than pleased to offer this service to you, however keep in mind there are costs associated with all additional work needed.


We specialize In...

Fireplaces - Stoves - Inserts

Fireplaces - GAS - Inserts

Fireplaces - Pits - Tables

Why Choose Us

Safety-Focused Approach

Priority on your home's safety.

Transparent Procedures

Clear communication throughout the service.

Peace of Mind Guarantee:

Reliable expertise for worry-free chimney care.


Meticulous debris and creosote removal.

Certified Technicians

Trained professionals ensuring quality service.

Efficient Equipment

Cutting-edge tools for optimal results

Our Work

I was impressed with the quick response to my initial query and how soon my cleaning was scheduled. My appointment was for 1PM, the sweep arrived 10 minutes early and was done within 40 minutes, no mess no cleanup....great service!
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